Server Statistics

Server statistics tell you the number of users at a given time and the load on the server during these times. You can find this information about your server by simply using the exec ( ) function. You do need to know HTML in order to write the script that sends the command to the server to return the information you are looking for. The statistics are summarized by the following:

In a print out you will see various headings across the top, such as Date, Number of Files Sent, Number of Bytes Sent, Percentage of Files Sent and Percentage of Bytes Sent. The webmaster for a company or organization has to keep a close eye on this information to ensure that the server does not get overloaded. In some organizations with an in-house email, users are often asked to delete emails that do not need to be kept. Time is also logged and some users may be asked not to spend any extra time on the computer because it blocks other users from logging on.

The server attached to a website will also provide the statistics for that website, such as logging the number of visitors on a daily basis. This is very important for those who operate an online business because they know how many visitors they have had and can compare that number to the number of orders they received. This is the work of a dedicated statistics server and it records the following type of information:

If you have a search option on your site, the statistics server can also tell you the most popular search topics of the users.